Twitter thoughts day after Musk announcement to abruptly do an about face and buy company for agreed price with no option for cost reduction

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 5, 2022

After reading news reports on Musk acquiescing and agreeing to buy company for stated price of $54.20 a share in advance of Delaware court case to address proposed purchase after a months long contentious PR give and take between him and the company over a variety of issues, some things don’t add up to me.

I have enclosed a reference article below that showcases the Twitter stock price thru the years that illustrates stock values remained flat over the course of years since September 2013 IPO which debuted at an closing average of about $44.00 a share after debuting at $26.00. This neglects to show recent POP in stock price after Musk announcement

I had always believed that Twitter was riddled with manipulating and COMPETING digital enties that discreetly controlled and monitored vast swaths of targeted user content via bots and STATE SPONSORED surveillance. If you look at the concentrated ownership of company with the huge venture capital firms (BlackRock, State Street and a Saudi prince among others) holding the biggest stakes an effective argument could be made for this especially after whistleblower accusations of internal “swiss cheese” security.

Musk has serious business interests in China and it seems to me that the CCP has much to gain from access toTwitter exposure to global masses and what they are saying and doing and TRACKING them. Recent Homeland Security alerts have been issued warning of this very thing with Chinese owned Tik Tok which warned parents of the tracking of the children’s activities thru that app so my thinking is leaning toward the fact that certain very powerful enties were not keen on private internal information about cloaked Twitter operations being exposed in upcoming court case.

Musk buying company addresses that fear by settling out BEFORE disclosures revealed in public domain forum and confidential arrangements can be made after the fact once company is taken private. It also fortifies the company under private ownership removing it from SEC scrutiny in advance of the Gonzalez vs Google section 230 case about to be heard by the conservative leaning Supreme Court which has the potential to upend the free speech landscape in social media. Food for thought

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