Why would we return to Twitter if Musk buys company and eliminates permanent account suspensions?

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 4, 2022

With today’s announcement of a seemingly turn around capituation by Musk to buy company at agreed upon price of $54.20 a share as Delaware court case looms next week, I sit in enviable positrion of being forced off Twitter PERMANENTLY for what my followers know was TRUTH regarding my public service posts regarding potential danger of vaccines to some and able to now effectively convey impacts to my quality of life by being away from social media.

This forced exodus of ALL my platforms, many of which posted nothing remotely connected to alleged egregious content clearly illustrates the misdirected bias and ignorant all encompassing programmic vindictiveness that Section 230 affords social media platforms that the Supreme Court has signaled they will address this just started October 2022 term in the Gonzalez vs Google case.

Ironically up to this point my traffic stats on this platform have not seen a precipitous drop seen after being banished on 8/20 as Twitter was my go to real time news source featured and I traditionally shied away from Facebook , Instagram and CCP controlled Tik Tok via Tencent . Many , but not all of my cherished followers have found me thru email and other platforms so impact in regards to losing touch muted at this point.

My sleep cycles and creative thinking processes greatly improved without fixation to post the never ending real time news of misery and fear that being a responsible and dedicated first responder to the news forces upon you on a daily basis. Until you step back from the hamster wheel and FEEL life unencumbered by social media angst propagated by phantom cowards fueled with digital courage cloaked in anonymity of the internet , you can never know it’s subtle and very real insidious impacts on your psyche.

The violation I feel after cheap shot suspension after being brought up as a 1st amendment “guy” will be hard to stomach moving forward but I am grateful I control my own platforms to build from/on so in many ways Twitter did me a huge favor. Thank You

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