Misplaced priorities and signing of SAFE-T act in already crime ridden Illinois key to Pritzker loss in November

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 3, 2022

As midterms loom, it is amusing to sort thru the avalanche of TV ads inundating the airwaves in the gubernatorial race between incumbent JB Pritzker and newcomer Republican Darren Bailey. To say Pritzker is lashed to a national political PARTY disaster of historic proportions in 2022 is an understatement as Biden gaffes and reality of incompetence and MASSIVE MISMANAGEMENT , inflation, and most importantly the nationwide perception that Democrats lax on law and order, crime and justice a daunting reality to confront in a state (Illinois) still reeling from this governor imposing now illegal draconian vaccine mandates that decimated small business , jobs and put people in FORCED potential health risks by rescinding conscience exemption in choice of vaccinations insidiously using their employment as leverage.

Never in recent memory is a governor responsible for so much damage to his state on so many levels BY CHOICE. His never ending support of the now recognized and admitted FLAWED science he steadfastly clung to thru out the course of the pandemic adds to the carnage

Recent messaging adjustments in ads by Pritzker regarding the already long in motion expansion of state crime lab so to accelerate processing of rape kits as well as hiring of more state troopers that will do little to curb explosion of crime in Chicago except maybe on expressways is already perceived as a joke in many media circles and spotlights desperation in his camp as the abortion issue Democrats touted as a major issue to female voters proving to be a flame out for the most part. Seems school cirruculums and woke culture disgust being forced on their children in schools bigger reasons, issues landing directly in Democrats sphere.

Granted, uptick in women voters registering to vote this election cycle may have been motivated in part by outrage in abortion rights rescinded but in Illinois it is a non starter as this state firmly in abortion camp as only one of two in Midwest expanding abortion services (Minnesota the other) so if Bailey elected he would have little power to reverse course with the serious statewide Democratic majority already in place, the most since 1840 rendering flawed messaging obsolete from Pritzker camp regardless of inflammatory and in some cases idiotic and polarizing Bailey statements .

I remember when my father Valdemar L Dehn was executed by state of Illinois and passed on October 12th 2017 of Legionnaires disease contracted at Quincy Veterans Home which was run by Illinois Dept of Veteran Affairs. When we filed our wrongful death lawsuit in June of 2018 against the state , within HOURS JB had it up on his campaign website as he was running against Bruce Rauner at the time who was DIRECTLY responsible for multiple PREVENTABLE deaths at that facility. So in a way I have a direct connection to JB and I must say he fulfilled his promise to pay us off for state malfeasance, although at a fraction of potential monies possible. I agreed so no grousing but when I see damage he has wrought compared to Rauner I cringe.

PLEASE get out there and vote. Thank You