How the election of 1864 mirrors looming midterms

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

September 20, 2022

As a student of history, I am enamored of the American Civil War of 1861 -1865. Coming from the Land of Lincoln and seeing as this president’s shadow still cloaks the events of 158 years ago, it fascinates me that our country was able to even hold a presidential election in the throes of a vicious civil war raging.

Ironic that the opponent facing Lincoln in this history making pivotal election was one of Lincoln’s personally busted out generals named George McClellan who Lincoln lambasted in 1862 as being guilty of “THE SLOWS”, a term referencing McClellan’s lack of aggressiveness in fighting war.

As we view the polarized political situation in this country today, the corollaries to now and then are scary. In many BUT NOT ALL ways the Republican states represent the Confederacy in regards to reactionary responses to the immigration disaster (read DiSantis, Abbott mandated migrations) and deplorable state of law and order and JUSTICE in the Democrat run cities being called out by them.

The positive here is the 1864 election DID take place under the most intense of political circumstances in the midst of war and the result laid the groundwork for eventual peace the following April in 1865 so the point is this democracy has weathered some pretty severe storms and has lived to tell the tale. I received my mail in ballot here in Illinois today but I am opting to vote in person on Nov 8th (same date as 1864 election FYI), just because. Please vote your conscience whatever it is and register to vote if you haven’t because a no vote by you is a vote for your opposition. Thank you

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