Nuff said #2

Written by Michael E. Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 22, 2022

The hypocrisy and STUPIDITY repeatedly being spewed by current administration is an INSULT to the intelligence of the American people as it is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS vaxxed people a greater danger to public health than the UNVAXXED, now and long term.

Our commander is NOT vaxxed and credits his beating cancer as showing him the template for immune system support in his daily life as he lives on FLU patrol every year due 2 his age and risk factors

It appalls this platform that thru out the entire last 2 years scant guidance has been issued by powers to be in ANY LEVEL of government for encouraging people to adopt healthy habits and discard unhealthy ones so need for vaccine muted if prudent social interaction choices incorporated into healthier lifestyles. Here in Illinois, we have a morbidly obese governor that should be voted out of office pontificating on SCIENCE to guide his repeatedly proven FLAWED decisions, science that by it’s very definition is EVER EVOLVING ESPECIALLY with an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE. The lockdowns and ILLEGAL MANDATES that destroyed small business and JOBS here FOR NO REASON and fired many police , fire , medical personnel and military were a proven disaster shown clearly by Florida, who did the opposite and flourished. And our governor here in Illinois rescinded the conscience exemption for NOT taking the vaccine which forced many to get vaxxed to keep their jobs and we know of one who died because of after effects that happened 1 month after so the heart inflammation and blood clotting party NEVER had in 41 years of life was noted as cause and vaxx never mentioned as contributing factor as 6 days after injection is limit to report vax specfic effects. And how many more cases are there like this we NEVER hear about? REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER

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