The climate emergency that isn’t

Written by Michael E. Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 21, 2022

It is with great trepidation that I hear about our so called president state he needs to a declare a “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” today and the dictatorial powers he would gain by doing so as I have heard the arguments for YEARS on the ignorant perceptions of so called experts that claim the pollution mankind spews into the atmosphere since the age of the 1st Industrial Revolution that started almost 150 years ago will ultimately destroy civilization as we know it if not curtailed.

Any student of history that bothers to research volcanic eruptions over the last 200+ years will find that TWO eruptions that happened in the 19th century based in Indonesia, Krakatoa in late August 1883 and the more powerful Tambora in 1815 (most intense eruption of last 10,000 years that is referenced as Year without a Summer in history) BOTH caused nuclear winter to varying degrees in the time after their eruption worldwide affecting the growing seasons for a time with reduced summers as volcanic ash cleansed itself out of our atmosphere. One should be aware that besides certain cities and urban centers in Southeast Asia that have experienced dangerous localized air pollution events, this planet has not come anywhere close to the IMPACTS the 2 19th century volcanoes caused DECADES before ANY man made pollution could be blamed.

It would be considered a power grab of historic IGNORANCE and infused with serious desperation to think that a declaration of a so called climate emergency at this point in history is warranted as there is proof of extreme temperature swings happening thru history. The Little Ice Age in Northern Europe that was defined from early 1300s thru mid 1850s comes to mind.

I live by Lake Michigan which is a melted glacier , remnants of an Ice Age that ended only 12.000 years ago. Imagine how much ice it took to melt and create ALL 5 Great lakes?

Point here is Biden is OUT OF HIS MIND based on DOCUMENTED history to use climate as excuse to grab power. By claiming this emergency he assumes dictator type powers in many ways regarding lockdowns and much more that would represent a SERIOUS EROSION of our rights as a nation. BE ADVISED

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